Steel Fence

Steel fence is not only low maintenance and strong, but it also adds a look of style and elegance to any fence project. Steel fencing usually comes with a durable powder coat paint finish; it is also available with an epoxy coat finish for high durability. Our steel fences are offered in a variety of standard styles, semi-custom or custom styles, which include two and three rail styles. Steel fences can be more decorative than most wood and vinyl fencing.

Steel fences are generally used for residential, commercial or industrial purposes; however, they can also be installed around a house, or pool for security and safety reasons. Wulff Fence cares about safety and will happily give a hand in ensuring the safety of you, your family, your pets, or co-workers.

Steel fencing offers a wide range of heights and is great for privacy and protection, as well as creating a barrier around pools to ensure safety for children and pets. As top Orlando fence contractors, we make this process simple!

Commercial industries are becoming aware that a perimeter protection is essential for maintaining the right amount of security needed to keep business booming. Steel fences are offered in a variety of grades depending on the style, height, strength, and thickness of the steel. They can also be topped with spikes for that extra security measure that just might make a difference.

Steel fences are an excellent choice if you value appearance, color, strength and height because of the wide range of colors we offer. The most common steel fence color is black, but with all the other colors we offer, you’re sure to find the right one for you.

Steel fencing is offered in any height, while still maintaining its strength and durability, which makes it perfect for any industrial business. The strength of our steel fences depends on the thickness of the steel. The two disadvantages of steel fencing are price and privacy, that you simply might not be able to take advantage of with other fence installation in Orlando. Steel fences are generally more expensive than wood and vinyl, but in the end you will see the investment was well worth it.