Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is the most common style fence in the U.S. The chain link fence, also known as cyclone fence, is inexpensive and requires very little maintenance. Although chain link fences are common, you still need to find the right Orlando fence contractors to get the job done right.

A chain link fence is easier to install, maintain, and is quite economical to boot. Chain link fencing can be galvanized or vinyl-coated. Chain link has been referred to as cyclone fence or hurricane fence because it is able to withstand wind and water during a hurricane. Most wood fences and privacy fences get knocked over from strong winds and water, while chain link fences survive the elements and stand tall above the rest. Chain link fences vary according to the material, framework, how it all fits together. The chain link fence installed depends on the combination of those factors as well as, of course, the know-how of the installers.

When choosing a chain link fence, the framework of the metal should be determined in order to understand how it would handle wear and tear. Light chain link fencing is not recommended to fence in pets or for areas with lots of bad weather because the light chain fence is easily bent. Light chain link fences are usually made for temporary use, hence the lower cost. However, choosing a heavier chain link fence guarantees a longer lasting fence that will not bend or break easily.

While browsing for fence installation in Orlando, keep us in mind for your next chain link fence and guarantee that you’re getting the best possible service out there.