Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Backyard

Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Backyard

Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Backyard

Keeping your home safe should be one of your top priorities as a homeowner. While you might have installed the latest security systems and locks on your front door, have you considered the safety of your backyard? Burglars often use the backyard as their entry point into your home, so it’s crucial to ensure that it’s properly secured. In this blog post, we’ll share with you some ways to burglar proof your backyard.

1. Install a fence

One of the best ways to secure your backyard is to install a fence. A sturdy fence can stop burglars from easily accessing your backyard. Look for a fence that is at least six feet tall, has a locked gate, and is made of durable material such as wood, vinyl, or aluminum. If you're looking for fence companies in Orlando, FL, contact Wulff Fence today for more information.

2. Landscape strategically

Burglars like to hide behind bushes or tall plants, so it’s essential to landscape your backyard strategically. Trim overgrown shrubs and trees, and remove any bushes that obstruct your view of the backyard. Consider installing motion sensor lights that illuminate your backyard to deter burglars.

3. Secure windows and door

Windows and doors are vulnerable entry points for burglars. Make sure they are locked and secure. Replace old locks with sturdy ones or install a deadbolt lock. For sliding doors, add a security bar to prevent it from being easily opened.

4. Store valuables safely

It's vital to store your valuables safely, especially if you have a shed or storage area in your backyard. Keep them locked in a secure place and out of sight. If possible, install a security camera near the storage area.

5. Invest in a security system

A good security system can help deter burglars from entering your backyard and alert you in case of any intrusion. Choose a system that comes with outdoor cameras and sensors that can detect any movement in your backyard. Look for a system that has a monitoring service that can alert the police when an intrusion is detected.



Securing your backyard is an essential part of keeping your home safe. A combination of these tips, such as installing a fence, strategic landscaping, securing windows and doors, safe storage of valuables, and investing in a security system, can make a significant difference in keeping burglars at bay. If you're looking for fence companies in Orlando, you can contact Wulff Fence. Remember, a secure backyard means a safe home for you and your loved ones.