Tips on How to Prepare and Paint Your Wooden Fence

Tips on How to Prepare and Paint Your Wooden Fence

Tips on How to Prepare and Paint Your Wooden Fence


A wooden fence adds a touch of warmth and beauty to your property. However, with time, exposure to harsh weather conditions can cause it to look faded and worn out. So, to give it a new lease of life, painting is a smart option. Painting your wooden fence is a cost-effective way of enhancing the overall look of your yard and even safeguarding the wood itself. Here are a few tips on how to prepare and paint your wooden fence like a pro.


Clean the Fence

A clean surface is essential for the paint to adhere well. Therefore, the initial step is to ensure the fence is entirely cleaned. Start by removing any dirt, mildew, and grime off the fence. Once you have removed all the debris, hose down the fence with water or use a power washer if needed. Also, ensure the fence is dry before applying paint.

Take Care of Damaged Areas

Before painting, repairs should be made to any broken or damaged sections of the fence. Check for areas that may require sanding down, filling, or replacement. If there are any signs of rot, get rid of the affected section and treat the area with wood preservative.

Prime the Fence

Priming is essential as it allows the paint to bind well with the fence surface. So, choose a primer that is water-resistant and appropriate for outdoor use. For more excellent results, use a primer designed explicitly for wood fences. Apply the primer using a paintbrush or sprayer on the fence. It would be best to give the primer sufficient time to dry before embarking on any further painting.

Choose the Right Paint

Painting your fence without the right paint can be a waste of effort, time and even money. Be sure to choose an exterior paint that is designed for wood surfaces. It could be a water-based or oil-based paint. Remember, the type of paint you choose should match the look you desire and your fence’s environment. Also, take note of any limitations like temperatures and moisture conditions.

Apply the Paint

Once you've chosen the paint, it's now time to paint. Apply the paint evenly using a good quality paintbrush or spray gun. Doing it by hand will give you greater control and precision. Start by painting the top and bottom parts of the fence. After that, paint the sides, and finish up any remaining sections. Apply a second or third coat to give extra coverage. Finally, allow each coat to dry adequately before applying another.



Painting your wooden fence can be a challenging task, but with the right tools and some simple know-how, you can transform your yard's appearance. Be sure to follow these tips and get a professional finish. If you're not confident or don't have the time to undertake the task, Lakestone Painting in Orlando is ready to assist. Contact Lakestone Painting today for all your fence painting needs.