The Best Way to Set Fence Posts in Concrete

The Best Way to Set Fence Posts in Concrete

The Best Way to Set Fence Posts in Concrete

Whether you want to enclose your property for security or privacy, a fence is a valuable investment for homeowners. However, the success of any fence structure lies heavily in the setting of the fence posts. If a fence post is not properly set, it can cause a variety of problems down the line, from unstable fence panels to even complete fence failure. This is why setting a fence post correctly is a crucial step for anyone planning to install a fence. In this article, we will explore the best way to set fence posts in concrete.

Choose the Appropriate Sized Hole

First and foremost, the hole size in your ground for the post should always be three times the diameter of your post and it should be as deep as one third to one half of the overall length of the post. For example, if you are installing a post that is four inches in diameter, your hole should be around twelve inches in diameter. This allows for proper support and stability of the fence.

Mix the Correct Amount of Mortar

Once you have dug the hole, you will need to mix the concrete mortar. Be sure to follow the specific instructions recommended for the type of mortar you are using. Generally, a good ratio is three to four parts gravel to one part concrete. This will provide a sturdy base for the post to be anchored in.

Position the Post accordingly

Next, place your post in the center of the hole and fill the outside areas with dirt in order to center the post. You can also use a level to double-check that the post is straight. Then, slowly pour your mortar into the hole, ensuring that the post stays straight as the mortar fills the hole.

Let it Cure

Finally, it is important to allow the mortar to cure before attaching the remainder of your fence components. This can take a few days, depending on humidity and temperature in your area. You can also place a brace up against the post to keep it straight while the concrete cures as this will provide additional support.



When it comes to installing a fence, setting the fence post correctly is the most critical aspect. Properly set posts will ensure your fence will last a long time and stay standing. By following the tips mentioned above, you can prevent a lot of the common problems associated with fence post installation. If you need help setting your fence posts, consider reaching out to a professional fencing contractor in your area. At Wulff Fence, we are always happy to help with fence installations, repairs, and other fencing services. So, If you're looking for reliable and professional fence companies in Orlando, FL, contact us today for more information on fence installation and how we can help!