Prevent Graffiti Vandalism on Your Fence

Prevent Graffiti Vandalism on Your Fence

Prevent Graffiti Vandalism on Your Fence


Fences add value to your property by providing privacy, security, and curb appeal. Unfortunately, fences are also a tempting target for graffiti vandals. Graffiti can not only damage your fence but also ruin your property's appearance. Therefore, it's essential to take action to prevent graffiti vandalism on your fence. In this blog post, we'll share some tips that can help you protect your fence.

Use Anti-Graffiti Coating

Applying an anti-graffiti coating can be an effective way to prevent graffiti vandalism. These coatings prevent stains and can be easily cleaned without damaging the fence. Some anti-graffiti coatings also have a repellant effect that discourages vandals from tagging your fence. While anti-graffiti coatings may increase the initial cost of the fence, they have long-term benefits.

Plant Thorny Shrubs

Planting thorny shrubs such as roses and blackberries around the fence can also deter graffiti vandals. Graffiti vandals tend to avoid fences that have prickly bushes around them to avoid harming themselves. However, you need to ensure that the shrubs are at least two feet away from the fence to avoid damaging the fence by overgrowth.

Install Security Cameras

Installing security cameras can help deter graffiti vandals by decreasing the chances of getting caught. Vandals often target areas with no security cameras, and the fear of being caught can discourage them from tagging your fence. Moreover, security cameras can capture evidence for prosecution if the vandals strike anyhow.

Paint Your Fence with a Dark Color

Painting your fence with a dark color can be a useful way to hide graffiti. If graffiti does occur, it will not be easily visible, making it less inviting for further vandalism. A dark color can also make your fence look more sophisticated and sleek.

Act Quickly

The longer you take to remove graffiti from your fence, the more likely it is to attract more tagging. Therefore, it's essential to act quickly as soon as you spot graffiti on your fence. Use a graffiti removal solution or contact a professional to remove the tag as soon as possible.



Graffiti vandalism can be frustrating, but taking preventive measures can help protect your fence from it. Using anti-graffiti coatings, planting thorny shrubs, installing security cameras, painting your fence with dark colors, and acting quickly can all go a long way in preventing graffiti vandalism. Contact Wulff Fence, the best fencing contractors in Orlando, for an estimate on fence installation or repair services.