Hurricane-Proof Your Fence With These Tips

Hurricane-Proof Your Fence With These Tips

Hurricane-Proof Your Fence With These Tips


Hurricanes are natural calamities that bring destruction and damage to communities. During a storm, pets, humans, and property are all at risk. One of the most essential measures to take when preparing for a hurricane is to secure your fence. In this blog post, we will discuss practical tips to hurricane-proof your fence, whether you have a wooden, vinyl, or aluminum fence. Read on to learn more.


1. Inspection

The first step to hurricane-proofing your fence is to inspect it periodically. Check for signs of wear and damage, particularly near the posts and ground. A weak fence is vulnerable to strong winds and debris, making it easier for the storm to knock it over. Repair any damages that you find before a hurricane arrives. 

2. Secure the Posts

The posts are the most crucial part of a fence and need to be secured well. Ensure that your fence posts are correctly installed and have sufficient depth to hold the fence in place during the storm. To strengthen the fence, consider embedding the posts in concrete or using steel posts. 

3. Trim the Trees

During a hurricane, flying debris can cause severe damage. If you have trees near your fence, trim the branches to prevent them from falling on your fence. Trimming trees also makes yard cleanup easier after a storm.

4. Use Wind-Resistant Materials

Consider replacing your fence with wind-resistant materials such as aluminum or steel. These materials have been specifically designed to withstand strong winds and provide better security for your property.

5. Remove loose objects

Loose objects in your yard can damage your fence during a storm. Before the hurricane season, remove any items in your yard that could become projectiles, such as children's toys, outdoor furniture, and gardening tools. Secure the items that are too big to move.



As a homeowner, it's essential to take precautions to protect your property during a hurricane. Securing your fence is just one step in the process. If you live in areas prone to hurricanes, use the tips provided in this blog post to protect your fence and your property. Don't wait until it's too late to make necessary repairs. Contact Wulff Fence, the fencing contractors in Orlando, to request a free estimate and prepare your fence for the storm.