Fencing Tips for Pet Owners to Keep Your Furry Friend Safe and Secure

Fencing Tips for Pet Owners to Keep Your Furry Friend Safe and Secure

Fencing Tips for Pet Owners to Keep Your Furry Friend Safe and Secure


As a pet owner, providing your furry friend with a safe and secure environment is a top priority. One effective way to accomplish this goal is by installing a sturdy fence around your property. However, not all fences are created equal, and you need to take special considerations when choosing a fence that is suitable for your pet. In this post, we offer some fencing tips for pet owners to keep your furry friend safe and secure.


1. Choose the Right Type of Fence

When it comes to fencing for pets, you need a fence that is designed to keep them in and other animals out. The right type of fence will depend on the breed, size, and jumping ability of your pet. For instance, if you have a small dog, a picket fence may suffice, but if you have a larger dog that likes to jump, a six-foot-tall fence may be more appropriate.

2. Avoid Chain-Link Fences

Although chain-link fences are an affordable option, they are not ideal for pets. Chain-link fences can be easily climbed and provide little protection against wildlife and stray animals. Additionally, chain-link fences can pose a risk to your pet's health- some dogs can get stuck between links, leading to injuries.

3. Consider Invisible Fences

Invisible fences can be a good alternative to traditional fences, but they require extensive training. The invisible fence is buried underground and emits a signal that triggers a warning tone when the dog approaches the fence's border. If the dog persists, a mild electric shock corrects their behavior. Invisible fences are ideal if you live in communities that disallow fences or if you have a stunning property that you don't want to obstruct with a fence.

4. Secure Your Gate

The gate is the weakest point of any fence and is subject to the same concerns as your fence's protection. You should ensure that your pet can't push or break the gate open and is secured against intruders who might attempt to enter or leave your premises. You can designate an area of your lawn to have a double gate to make sure that visitors can be secured before being allowed into your secured part.

5. Regular Maintenance of Your Fence

Your fence will require regular maintenance to stay in good condition. You need to check your fence on a regular basis for any signs of damage and wear and tear. You can contract a professional fencing contractor for regular upkeep of your fence.



Fencing your yard can keep your furry friend safe and securely contained, but only if you choose the right fence, get it in the right place, and keep it maintained. Most importantly, you should check with your neighborhood's HOA or zoning department to ensure that you comply with fencing bylaws before you begin the installation process. If you're looking for trusted fencing contractors in Orlando, FL, Wulff Fence is always here to help with all your fencing needs!