Three Reasons Wood Fencing May be Suitable for You

Three Reasons Wood Fencing May be Suitable for You

Three Reasons Wood Fencing May be Suitable for You

Wood fencing can be created to keep prowlers and intruders out, help keep canines and toddlers in, or even show off your stunning yard. However, selecting a style of a natural wood fence depends on your needs and what you are trying to achieve with the barrier. Our experts on fence repair in Orlando offer these reflections for discovering the proper wood fencing to suit your individual needs.

Privacy and security

If security is a direct concern for you, or you would like to utilize your backyard unburdened by spying eyes, a solid board wood fence might satisfy your needs. With a solid board solution, vertical boards are affixed to sturdy, horizontal members, with no distance between them. This, paired with a securely sealed gate, helps to enhance your security and sense of privacy.

Another excellent privacy fence style that many customers enjoy is the board-on-board fence. This kind is a picket fence with pickets on both sides, protecting a yard from street view. These covert fences can be installed painted or unpainted and offer a medley of lattice or scalloped tops.

Keeping animals in

A beautifully sensible paddock-style fence is an ideal solution if you own large animals, like cows and horses. This sturdy, time-tested fence type is sufficient to keep your horses or cows from roaming and serves as a lovely accent for your creatures. The fence can be fitted with electric wires to prevent animals from fleeing when required. You can also add wire mesh to hold out dogs and other roving animals. Like most fences, they can be painted or left to the natural wood to age beautifully over time.

Showing off your yard

While you sometimes want to conceal your yard, there are other times when the goal is to showcase beautiful landscaping. When showcasing landscaping is a concern, a picket fence is precisely what you require. The open layout of a picket fence allows easy visibility to your gardens and other landscaping but still holds neighborhood dogs off your property. These beautiful fences are offered with various tops and can be painted or left natural.

Another excellent alternative for highlighting your landscaping is a split rail fence. If you wish to keep dogs and children from roaming in or out of the yard, you can use a simple wire mesh on the back of this classic fence. Both picket fences and split rail fences are fantastic for giving children limitations and helping to keep them secure.

Of course, wooden fences do not invariably meet a person's requirements. In that circumstance, there is a whole line of fences in various types and materials, including chain-link, aluminum, and welded wire alternatives that are sure to suit your individual fencing needs. Professional fence firms can also establish interior storage cages and elegant gates inside residences or businesses to help manage traffic flow or keep a busy toddler away from a sizzling wood stove.

Whatever your fencing requirements, our experts on installation and fence repair in Orlando are ready to accept the challenge.