Three Reasons to Consider Wooden Fences

Three Reasons to Consider Wooden Fences

Three Reasons to Consider Wooden Fences

Contractors can create wooden fences to keep prowlers and intruders out, help hold dogs and toddlers in, or even show off your lovely yard. Choosing a type of natural wooden fencing will rely on your demands and what you are trying to achieve with the fence. Experts from our fence companies in Orlando suggest these reflections for finding the proper wooden fence to suit your individual needs.

Showing your yard

While there are circumstances when you want to hide your yard, there are undoubtedly other times where the goal is to showcase stunning landscaping. When displaying gorgeous landscaping is your passion, a picket fence is exactly what you need. The airy design of a picket fence allows ease of view to your gardens and other landscaping while still keeping community dogs off your land. These beautiful fences are available with various tops and can be dyed, painted, or left natural.

Another ideal option for highlighting your landscaping is a split rail fence. If you want to keep dogs and children from wandering in or out of the premises, you can use a wire mesh on the rear of this classic fence. Picket fences and split rail fences are excellent for providing kids with boundaries and helping to keep them secure.

Keeping animals in

Beautifully functional paddock-style fencing is an excellent solution if you own large animals like cows and horses. This sturdy, time-tested fencing type is acceptable to keep your equines or cattle from wandering and serves and acts as a lovely accent for your animals. In addition, this fencing can be supplied with electricity to further prevent animals from fleeing when needed. You can even add wire mesh to keep out dogs and other straying beasts. As with most fencing, it can be dyed, painted, or left with natural lumber for aging beautifully over time.

Privacy and security both

If security is a direct consideration for you, or you want to use your backyard away from snooping eyes, solid panel wood fencing might meet your demands. With a dedicated board solution, upright boards connect to sturdy, horizontal elements with no distance between them. This, partnered with a securely locked gate, helps improve your protection and sense of solitude.

Another wonderful privacy fence kind that many clients enjoy is the board-on-board fence. This type is a picket fence with boards on each side, shielding the property from street view. These intimate fences can be painted or unpainted and offer a variety of lattice or scalloped tops.

Of course, wooden fences do not always meet an individual's needs. In such circumstances, there is a whole line of fencing in a wide variety of styles and materials, including chain-link, aluminum, and soldered wire alternatives that are certain to suit your personal fencing needs. Experienced fence businesses can also install internal storage enclosures and elegant gates inside homes or businesses to direct traffic flow or hold an active toddler back from a blazing wood stove. Whatever your fencing directives, experts from our fence companies in Orlando are prepared to accept the challenge. Call us today for more details.