Six Point Ultimate Baseball Field Checklist for Fences

Six Point Ultimate Baseball Field Checklist for Fences

Six Point Ultimate Baseball Field Checklist for Fences

You manage a baseball field, and you need it to be guarded—follow these suggestions from the experts so that your guests and players are safe and satisfied.

When building or preserving a baseball field, security is paramount. Not only do you have to keep people off the property who may disrupt or steal from it, but you also must guard fans and teams during the match. Installing a fence will accomplish all this, but only if you set it up correctly. The following inventory from our fencing contractors in Orlando will assist you in setting up a sturdy, secure commercial chain link border, making your field safe against all hazards:

Point 1: Fence Posts Need To Be Placed Correctly

You must place your fence posts well past the site where participants will play the match. This stops players from racing into them and allows the boundary to catch stray balls that might otherwise injure fans.

Point 2: The Fence Must Be Connected Securely to Posts

Be sure that each post is positioned securely in the earth. With fence posts in location, you can attach the fencing itself. Make sure that chains are completely secured and fit snugly to border posts. Unsecured fences can scrape or cut participants who run past and may also allow stray balls out of the area.

Point 3: Be Sure the Tension Wires are in Position

Chain link fences must have tension wires at the top and the bottom to secure the fencing material in place. Be sure that none of the ends of the wires are exposed, whether in the corners or at the top of the barrier.

Point 4: Fencing Must Extend Far Enough

To deliver comprehensive protection, your fence must extend around the field all the way to the back of your dugout location. The size of your barrier will depend on the location of observer seating, so speak to a fence professional for the small details.

Point 5: The Gate Needs to Be Safe and Operational

Guarantee that the gate is firmly established in the earth and does not demand adjustment. Then check to see if it is easy to open and close, and inspect the hinge and the latch for signs of corrosion or mechanical problems. Guaranteeing that the gate is straightforward to open and close is crucial for comfort and safety. For example, if a player gets hurt or there is another crisis, you must have direct access to the field.

Point 6: All Other Threats Must Be Stopped

The final measure is to check for any other hazards related to the border and eliminate them as you uncover them. Typical threats include:

  • Concrete barrier bases that are uncovered above the ground
  • Damaged or insufficient connections that stick out from the barrier
  • Holes in the fence
  • Hog rings sticking out
  • Missing dome caps
  • A large opening between the base of the fence and the earth

Our fencing contractors in Orlando supply sturdy, stable fencing across Florida. Contact us today for more information on protecting your sports establishment, baseball field, or business.