Pool Fencing at a Glance

Pool Fencing at a Glance

Pool Fencing at a Glance

Spring has sprung, and in Orlando that means it is time to prepare for pool season. With the hot Florida summer approaching everyone is getting ready for barbeques, traveling, and lots of time in the pool. If you are a pool owner or are about to become one, having a fence around your swimming pool is mandatory in most states. Besides lawful requirements, almost 300 kids under the age of five drown in spas and pools in America every year. On top of that, more that 3,000 children in the same age group end up in the ER due to spa and pool submersion injuries annually in the US. These statistics make it critical to pay close attention to the laws in your area regarding pool perimeter fencing installation to protect yourself from tragedy.

Fence companies in Orlando offer the following recommendations for features that every pool fence should have. These recommendations are based on a number of US legal requirements and recommendations from the US consumer Product Safety Commission.

  • Swimming pool barriers need to be at least 4’ tall or higher for optimal safety.
  • Swimming pool barriers should be designed so that they are impossible for children to climb over.
  • Permanent fencing is the best option because of strength and durability.
  • State laws require that swimming pool gates open outward from the swimming pool area.
  • Swimming pool gates should be self-latching and self-closing.
  • Swimming pool barriers can be made from aluminum, vinyl, or wood materials.

It is always best to consult fence companies in Orlando when you need to install a barrier around your swimming pool. They will be able to recommend the best options available for your project and perform safe and efficient installation of your swimming pool barrier. Experts recommend one of the following popular pool fencing types:

Glass panel fencing

If you desire both safety and aesthetic appeal from your pool barrier, glass panel fencing is an excellent option. This type of fencing is made out of tempered glass and is a durable and safe fence choice.

Vertical bar fencing

This type of fencing can be made from wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl, or wood materials. It is essential to ensure that it is correctly installed for optimal safety. Most states require that vertical sections maintain a space between them of 4 inches in width and no more. This makes it impossible for a human to squeeze in between the spaces.

Removable mesh pool fencing

This transparent border is well known for being easily moveable. It is vital to ensure that materials meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) requirements, as it is mandatory to meet this standard in most states.

Call Wulff Fence today to get optimal enjoyment and safety from your swimming pool area. We have the experience and expertise to handle all of your swimming pool fencing needs. Our focus on excellent customer service and consumer satisfaction allows us to exceed expectations with every service we provide. We are here to help keep your swimming pool safe and enjoyable for years to come.