How You Can Maintain Your Wood Fence

How You Can Maintain Your Wood Fence

How You Can Maintain Your Wood Fence

Fences make beautiful additions to your curb appeal, but they also add function, safety, and privacy to your yard. While you may want to create a fence that establishes both privacy and security, you may choose a wooden fence. Wood fences are beneficial for those who are sticking to their budget and wish to customize the features of their fence. As fencing contractors in Orlando, we have helped design, install, and maintain fences over the years. When you invest in a wood fence, you need to know about the proper maintenance required to keep it in great condition.

Wash It Thoroughly

Wooden fences are extremely durable and only require occasional cleaning to keep them looking their best, regardless of the weather. An easy and quick method is using a pressure washer or a hose set to a high-pressure setting. There may be some spots where you'll need to conduct some hand scrubbing to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Pick a sunny, warm day to clean, as the sun will speed up the drying process.

 Get the Appropriate Equipment Together

Having everything you need in one place will make your life much simpler. You won't have to pause in the middle of the project to get something, which will reduce stress later on. To maintain your wooden fence, you should have a pressure washer for routine cleaning, wood stain or paint for protective layering, and bleach for any mold or mildew removal. By keeping all of these supplies handy, you will be prepared for any maintenance.

Clean with Bleach

You can get fence cleaning solutions at quality hardware stores or make your own by diluting bleach with water. The recommended ratio is one cup of bleach for every two cups of water. You should apply this solution to your fence and then wait for it to sit for some time so that it can take effect. Once you see the mildew and grime disappearing, you can blast away the solution with a power washer. A regular garden hose should do the trick if you don't have access to a pressure washer.

Allow the Fence to Air Dry

A new seal should be applied only after the wood has had time to dry after being washed. The new wood stain won't adhere to a damp substrate. Therefore, this step is vital. Avoid painting your wood and instead choose wood stains that come in a wide range of colors and are made to protect your wood from the elements.

Inspect the Fence on a Routine Basis

The precision with which you complete this process rests entirely in your hands. Many people choose to do it every two years. However, some choose to wait longer. In actuality, you'll need to keep an eye on your fences' appearance. Why? That is because prolonged exposure to water and sunshine can cause them to fade more quickly and acquire more green stains.

These are a few fence maintenance jobs you need to perform when you have a wooden fence. If you need to have your wood fence repaired, contact our fencing contractors in Orlando to schedule an appointment with us today.