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Four Popular Styles for Wooden Privacy Fences

Four Popular Styles for Wooden Privacy Fences

Four Popular Styles for Wooden Privacy Fences

Wooden privacy fences are smart for homeowners because they deliver security and solitude from strangers and the elements. There are several distinct styles of wooden privacy fences on the market. Fence contractors in Orlando offer great details on the various privacy fences available for your house.

Convex wood fences

A convex wood fence delivers a rolling, wavy top that is trendy and attractive. It is normally eight feet tall and erected using red cedarwood. This barrier is solid enough and high enough to block prying eyes and serve as a noise barrier. The only disadvantage to a convex wood fence is that it experiences trouble with high load winds due to its height and solid construction.


In the most classic sense, a board-on-board fence is not created for privacy because it still lets breezes pass through your property. However, many think it is a better option than a picket fence because it looks more appealing on both sides. This is because the panels are built alternate to each other on the center rail, so the boards' facade and rear are observable. If you wish to eradicate gaps, boards can be established close to each other while leaving space for a draft to pass through. However, the risk of failure of board-on-board borders is high during stormy or windy conditions. You can quickly solve this by burying and anchoring the posts firmly. This act demands at least one-third of the entire length of a post be planted deep and then sealed with concrete or gravel.

Lattice top

No other wooden privacy fence type brings more style to your yard than a lattice top privacy fence. It is beautiful to look at but is also pleasant for most landscaping techniques. The fence type follows a tight pattern that delivers plenty of solitude while revealing very little to outsiders. It delivers a sense of protection, security, and a feeling that you have a fancy fortress surrounding your property because of the tightly secured wood slats. Choosing a stable and weather-resistant material for your lattice top privacy fence is vital. If not, it will demand significant maintenance, mainly if the latticework is sensitive to mold, damage, or rot.


A stockade-style wood fence is the most common due to its overall assembly. It is a picketed fence created to attach to supports closely. It is also deemed one of the safest and most unassailable fences because of the absence of gaps between boards. This fence offers total privacy and decreases the noise that can go through the property. Additionally, intruders will think twice about climbing the fence because of its jagged, pointed top. Stockade-style barriers can use several distinct kinds of wood in their structure.

Locking board

You can compare a lock board privacy fence to a lattice top fence, but it looks more consistent from top to bottom. It is repeatedly chosen for functionality instead of aesthetics, and while it looks fantastic, it lacks the ornamental details of lattice top privacy fences. The panels for this fence are held together tongue-and-groove style, forming a solid wall that thwarts the view from the exterior. A locking board fence seamlessly follows the outlines of your property, whether it includes hills or not. This design blocks airflow and is appropriate for windy areas, but this kind of fence is not advised if you need the wind to cool your property.

No matter what type of privacy fence you prefer, you are guaranteed to have an appealing barrier that delivers the sort of benefits that you might usually overlook. Our fence contractors in Orlando help you determine the kind of privacy fence that will function best on your property. Do not hesitate to contact us with inquiries!