Four Popular Privacy Fence Styles

Four Popular Privacy Fence Styles

Four Popular Privacy Fence Styles

Wooden privacy fencing is stylish for property owners because they provide security and solitude from outsiders and other factors. There are diverse kinds of wooden privacy borders on the market. Companies specializing in fence repair in Orlando offer superior data on the different kinds of privacy fencing available for your house.

Lattice top fences

No additional wooden privacy fence type communicates more polish on your property than the lattice top privacy fence. It is beautiful to look at but is also suitable for most landscaping techniques. This fence style follows an intimate design that offers plenty of solitude while revealing very little to outsiders. It supplies a sense of protection, security, and a feeling that you have a towering stronghold around your lot because of the tightly bound wood slats. Choosing long-lasting, weather-resistant materials for your lattice top privacy fencing is necessary, or it will require considerable maintenance, especially if the latticework is susceptible to mold, decay, or deterioration.

Locking board fences

A lock board privacy fence is like a lattice top fence, but it looks more consistent from top to bottom. It is often picked for function instead of looks, and while it appears impressive, it lacks the decorative components of a lattice top fence. The boards for this fence are rigged in a tongue-and-groove design, forming a solid border that blocks the view from the outside. A locking panel border can seamlessly follow the silhouettes of your property, whether it has elevations or not. This technique effectively blocks airflow and is suitable for breezy locations, but this type of fence is not advised if you require the breeze to cool your plot.

Stockade fences

A stockade-style wooden border is the most standard because of its general assembly. It is a picket fence designed to attach with supports close by. It is also considered among the most safe and secure kinds of fences because of the lack of voids between boards. This fence produces sweeping privacy and decreases the quantity of noise that can move

through your property. Additionally, intruders will think twice before climbing the wall because of its distinctive, pointed top. Stockade-style fences can use several distinct kinds of wood in their design.

Board-on-board fences

In the most traditional way, a board-on-board fence is not developed for solitude because it still allows breezes to flow through your property. However, many think it is better than a picket fence because it looks more attractive on both sides. After all, the panels are constructed alternate to one another on the central rail, so both the front and back of the boards are visible. If you want to eliminate gaps, panels can be established near each other while permitting room for the draft to pass through. The danger of failure of board-on-board fences is elevated during inclement or gusty weather. You can quickly solve this problem by burying the posts deeply and firmly anchoring them. This action requires at least one-third of the total height of a post to be buried deep and then locked in position with concrete or gravel.

No matter what kind of privacy fence you choose, you are assured of maintaining an appealing border that offers benefits that you may not see every day. Our specialists on fence repair in Orlando can help you find the privacy fence that will work best on your property. Do not hesitate to contact us with inquiries today!