Fence Styles to Add Curb Appeal

Fence Styles to Add Curb Appeal

Fence Styles to Add Curb Appeal

Being a natural extension of the exterior of your home, your fence should stand out and make a great impression on your property. You want the fence to pair well with the architectural style of your home or match an exterior element. The best way to pick the right fence is to work with professional fence companies in Orlando. Take an outsider’s perspective to your home, and then consider these questions. How does it look? What elements stand out? What type of maintenance do I need to do? These are just a few of the most common types of fences that add curb appeal to residential communities.  


Dreams of a white picket fence have filled the heads of millions. Averaging between 2 and 4 foot in height, you can get this style of fence in many materials. Wood is the most common and practical choice of material. You are able to stain it, paint it, and even customize it. Though, wood requires a bit more regular maintenance to keep it in good shape. Fences of this style are great for additions such as a gate or arbor.

Wrought Iron & Aluminum

Wrought iron fences are normally ornate. This style suits a historic house, formal, or high end home. You can get powder-coated steel, anodized aluminum, and composite materials as alternatives and they tend to be cheaper.

Aluminum is available in many different picket sizes. The spacing choices are various also. You can pick from fancy styles or simplistic looks. Again, keep in mind your architectural style of house. Ornate fences won't look fitting with simple homes.


For a more natural or rustic look, a sturdy stone fence adds appeal to the landscape. This style of fence is one of the oldest styles. Stone fences are normally quite permanent. You are paying for its longevity as well as aesthetics. Traditional homes, such as cape cods and colonials, benefit from native stone built fences.


While accompanied with a steeper price tag, the low maintenance of vinyl is well worth the investment. You can pick styles and colors to match your vision without requiring paint or stain. They don't split, rot, crack, attract termites, or take hours to clean. Just spray the fence off when it gets dirty.

When it comes to the repair of a vinyl fence, you are often stuck replacing a section rather than just a single board. They also are magnets for mold, mildew, and algae. Make sure your sprinklers do not soak your vinyl fence too often and clean it regularly.

If you want to get creative, combining two different styles of fencing to add a custom look will also increase the curb appeal of your home. Natural fencing is always an option as well. Hedges and bushes are great natural fences.

When you are ready to build the fence to boost your home’s value and appearance, contact one of the top fence companies in Orlando to get started.  Trust Wulff Fence today!