Fence Repairs to Make This Winter

Fence Repairs to Make This Winter

Fence Repairs to Make This Winter

When you own a fence, you need to keep up with maintenance and care over the years. Repairs, such as board replacements, painting, staining, and cleaning, are just a few of the tasks you need to care for your fence. Keeping your fence in optimal condition can help to restore the appearance and functionality of your fence. Our experts in fence repair in Orlando can assist in maintaining your fence so you do not have to. These are a few fence repairs to consider making this winter.

How Can I Tell If My Fence Needs to Be Repaired?

Each year, you should spend time thoroughly inspecting your fence to see if there is any damage or deterioration. The fencing material you use will also determine the type of repairs you need, the frequency of repairs, and the overall style of your fence. For example, wooden fences require more repairs than vinyl.  To inspect your fence, take a walk around both sides of your fence and look closely at all aspects of your fence to see if there is any damage.

Replace a Post

This is a very simple wood-chip repair. The upper part of your fence post may be broken or turned downwards. You need something to repair it, for example, some screws, a dogging bar, or a reciprocating engine. When you have a damaged post, you want to tend to this quickly before the other parts of the fence start to lean. By securing your post or replacing it entirely, you also strengthen the entire part of the fence.

Repair Fence Rails

If your bar rail is crooked, you can easily fix it. If your entire bar rail is damaged, remove that part of your bar first and replace the damaged part of your bar with a new rail. Fill it in such a way that it is adjustable and secure it with a screw. Once the repair is made, you can stain or paint that area to match the rest of your fence.

Fence Gate Repair

There are many reasons why gates go bad over time. For example, if your gate is not opening at all or is damaged, you want to check the hinges of your fence gate. If they are bent, replace them with a heavier type of hinge. If the hinge screws are loosening, remove them, then drill new holes and install longer screws and carriage bolts. Use only galvanized steel hardware to promote longevity and keep your fence gate in great condition for longer.

Partial Fence Replacement

If you want to replace a large part of your fence, you may need to remove the existing part and make adjustments for the new part. This may require you to make larger holes in the soil for more stable posts. If your soil is sandy or rocky, you can use an electric machine. Use good wood for it, which lasts longer. First of all, check your limits and draw the lines. The post should be leveled. Then brace it in two directions with wooden stakes and add the rest of the fence pickets.

These are just a few of the types of repairs you may need to make this winter. If you are in need of fence repair in Orlando, contact the team at Wulff Fence to hear more about our services today.