Eight Methods to Guard Your Company Beyond a Commercial Fence

Eight Methods to Guard Your Company Beyond a Commercial Fence

Eight Methods to Guard Your Company Beyond a Commercial Fence

One of the finest ways to protect your business is with a fence enclosing the border. But here are eight other safety measures you can follow to reassure you that your business is comprehensively defended.

When shielding commercial properties, there is no perfect formula. While there are considerable smart safety measures, no one step is so effective that you will not need any others. Fencing provides the first line of protection, but you must go further for a truly secure property. If you understand the importance of facility security, the following eight measures from our experts on fence repair in Orlando will help you acquire it:

Access Control Systems

Facility access control systems require employees to operate cards or passcodes to penetrate the facility or further prohibited spaces. In addition, they retain a log of everyone who accesses each area, making it effortless to determine who is to blame if something comes up missing.

Complete Background Checks

When you hire a new staffer, conduct a thorough background check, watching out for anyone who could conceivably be a security threat. While you don't have to deny everybody with a less-than-spotless record, you should be careful about what freedoms you grant them.

Cyber Security

Besides protecting your physical location, you must also safeguard your company from digital attacks. Inaugurate the latest safety software on all business computers, and construct backup copies of sensitive information.

Admission Constraints

Restrict admission to all parts of your company, including valuable things, sensitive devices, or anything else you cannot afford to have damaged or stolen.

Key Management

Only offer keys to employees you trust, and set rigid rules about lending or copying them. Take a routine inventory of all keys to your building. If any are missing, replace your locks instantly.

Window Protections

Intruders who do not think they can push past your doorways hidden may try to enter via your windows instead. To prevent this, employ shatter-proof glass in your windows on the first and second floors. Alternatively, or as additional protection, establish breaking glass detectors to set off a notice if anyone gets in the structure.

Lighting Your Exterior

One of the most simple ways to safeguard your property is to install lighting throughout the exterior so that no one can infiltrate undetected. This will make it easier to detect and thwart intruders and make the establishment look more guarded, so fewer people will attempt to break in.

Security Cameras in Key Locations

Once your exterior is fully illuminated, install cameras at every access point. The presence of cameras deters intruders, and if someone does try to break in, you will have a video you can share with authorities. Make sure to clean the camera lenses routinely, so you won't have issues pinpointing the individuals you document.

Looking for fencing and access systems that keep your commercial effects secure? Our experts on fence repair in Orlando offer advice and support to cover any business. Contact us today for more information on fences and other protection measures in Florida.