5 Signs My Fence Needs to Be Repaired

5 Signs My Fence Needs to Be Repaired

5 Signs My Fence Needs to Be Repaired

Wood fences require maintenance to keep in optimal shape over time. You will need to perform some basic maintenance, like painting, staining, and repairs, to keep your fence looking attractive and staying safe all the time. By taking the time to inspect your fence, you can tell that whether your fence needs some repair or replacement. These are a few signs that indicate your fence may need to be repaired.


One of the earliest signs that your fence needs to be repaired is the discoloration of the fence boards. Often times, you can quickly observe this from just looking at the fence. When you notice any discoloration, fading colors, or worsening dirt, you will want to replace the fence boards with damage. Peeling paint is more than just an eyesore, as it also leaves the fence material susceptible to decay and deterioration.

Warped Posts

A solid fence needs posts and foundation to stay stable and safe. These posts serve as the main foundation for the fence, so it needs to be sturdy to withstand weather conditions, like wind and heavy rains. When you notice any warped posts or foundation, you will need to trust the experts in fence repair in Orlando to fix these issues. You can typically notice this quickly when you see leaning or bending posts towards one side.

Decaying Boards

Decaying fence boards need to be replaced with new boards before the issue worsens. Broken or decaying boards may not be noticeable without close inspection, so be sure that you take this time to inspect your fence closely over the years. Look for cracks, holes, dents, and decay. Most of the time, you can just replace these broken or decaying boards with a new board, so the fix is quick and simple.

Pest Issues

Insects can be one of the most damaging aspects of a wood fence. When you notice insect or pest damage, you will want to eradicate the problem as soon as possible. You may observe issues like mold, decay, moisture damage, or a swollen-like appearance on your fence posts, which can indicate that insects have found their way into your fence. If you do not remove the insects quickly, they can spread to other fence parts and cause even more damage to the entire structure.

Loose Hinges

If you have a gate on your fence, you want to check the hinges frequently to determine whether they are working properly. Hinges are typically made of metal, which requires them to be greased over the years to prevent rust and sticking. If you hear an irritating sound when you close the gate or you notice a wiggling or loose hinge, you will want to make repairs quickly to keep the gate functional.

These are a few of the most common signs that indicate your wood fence may need to be repaired. If you are concerned about the appearance of sturdiness of your fence, trust our experts in fence repair in Orlando for an inspection.

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