3 Popular Wood Fence Design Choices

3 Popular Wood Fence Design Choices

3 Popular Wood Fence Design Choices

People have myriad reasons for having wood fencing installed on their properties. Some want to provide a more significant level of privacy to their yard and prevent their nosey neighbors from fully viewing the activities happening on their property. Others have children and animals that they want to keep safe and contained within their property boundaries. No matter why you want to have wood fencing installed, it is essential to consider the type of fencing you will purchase carefully. There are many different types and styles to choose from, and some require more maintenance than others. Each type has its own benefits and unique qualities. Our fencing contractors in Orlando offer the following types of wood fencing to help you choose the best option for your individual needs and desires.

Picket Fences

Everyone has seen a picket fence at some point. People who live in residential areas are likely accustomed to seeing them on a daily basis. They are comprised of wooden pieces called pickets held together with horizontally placed wood pieces. Picket fencing is ideal for protecting your garden from animals that will eat or trample the vegetation you have planted. They are also helpful as barriers for yards of families with small children and pets to keep them safe within property boundaries.

The width of pickets and the space between them can vary greatly. Standard picket fence installation has pickets that are 3.5" to 4" wide with a distance between them ranging from 1" to 3.5", but other options are available. There are also many different styles of pickets for you to choose from, including dog eared, French Gothic, pointed, and more.

Shadowbox fences

Shadowbox fencing designs have pickets alternating on both sides of the back board. This style is typically utilized by property owners who want an expanded level of privacy without sealing off their yard from all natural light. Shadowbox fences prevent people from peeking into your property but still allow airflow through the alternating pickets. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the light passing through them is still limited.

Privacy fences

Privacy fences essentially prevent any light from passing through the wall at all. They do not have pickets, and boards are installed directly beside one another. These fences are usually taller than other available fencing types to prevent anyone from seeing over their tops. They are traditionally built at heights of 6 feet or more. Treated pine and red cedar are the most commonly used wood varieties for creating solid privacy fences.

If you want to have a wood barrier installed on your property, hiring professionals like fencing contractors in Orlando is best. However, Wulff Fence can handle every installation or repair project you require when it comes to fence service and maintenance. Our multitude of satisfied customers says plenty about our fence service and maintenance quality. So contact us today for the best fence service possible. We are here for you!