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Tips to Care for Your Wrought Iron Fence

Tips to Care for Your Wrought Iron Fence

Tips to Care for Your Wrought Iron Fence

Do you want to add an ornamental fence to your landscaping?  Wrought iron fences are some of the most popular and attractive fences that add design and style to your yard.  Whether you are looking to enhance a certain aspect of your garden or you want to trim the entire length of the driveway, a wrought iron fence could be the right choice for you.  Our fence contractors in Debary can provide you with a full consultation, design, and installation for your fence.  Another popular feature of the wrought iron fence is that it only requires minimal maintenance.  These are a few tips to care for your wrought iron fence.

Routine Cleaning

It is recommended to wash your fence on a routine basis using soap and water.  Cleaning your wrought iron fence is easy, but it needs to be done.  When you clean using soap and water, be sure to fully rinse the soap from the fence before you complete the job.  This will remove any dirt or stains that may linger on the fence posts.  Let your fence fully air dry in order to preserve the paint job and iron work of your fence.

Rust Prevention

Iron is a metal that can corrode and rust over time without the right preventative methods.  Consider applying metal-grade wax to the fence posts and railings, as the wax will repel any water.  This will prevent moisture from soaking into the iron.  It is recommended to apply the wax to areas of your fence that are particularly susceptible to moisture exposure, like areas near shrubs or in the sprinkler zone.

Keep Up with Maintenance

When you first have a new fence, you may not be concerned with maintenance, especially because wrought iron fences do not require much.  However, as your fence begins to age, you will want to be sure to check on the rust, condition of the iron, and gate hinges to make sure they are working properly.  Maintenance can help to keep your fence in better shape for a longer period of time.

Call Our Fence Contractor

When you work with Wulff Fence, you will have access to the experts that can routinely inspect your fence and perform any necessary repairs to keep your wrought iron fence looking beautiful and lasting long.  Make sure that you have a quality fence company on your speed dial to ask about any potential issues or concerns that may arise with your fence.

These are just a few tips that can help you keep your wrought iron fence in optimal shape, which can make it look great and last longer.  When you are ready to install your wrought iron fence, you'll want to trust the professional fence contractors in Debary to take care of this process for you.  Contact us to schedule a consultation with our fence designers today.