Six Tips to Add Security to Your Commercial Property

Six Tips to Add Security to Your Commercial Property

Six Tips to Add Security to Your Commercial Property

Are you looking for ways to increase the security around your commercial property?  Are you tired of trespassers and strangers walking through or into your commercial property when it is not being monitored?  By increasing the security around your property, you can minimize the traffic and the issues that you have at your business.  These are a few tips to help you add security to your commercial property.

Hire Security Guards

You cannot always expect your locks and gates to protect you, so why not invest in some security that will cover the spots that the cameras cannot. A solid security team will ensure that you have incredibly low risk at being burglarized, vandalized, or terrorized.

Assign Key Cards

For both inside and outside security, install key card access points to protect the sensitive areas of your business's and employee's information. Select the key cards required for each area's access, and only present them to the trustworthy few that require access to those points.

Install Security Fences

Fence companies in Orlando can advise you on the perfect fence you need to secure the perimeter of your business. Fences are excellent deterrents to criminal elements. No one wants to climb a fence and carrying bolt cutters to hack through a fence is not normal criminal behavior. In fact, a fence presents a problem for criminals.

Secure the Gates

When you install a fence, you should also consider installing large gates that allow traffic in and out of your property.  By doing this, you can control those that are allowed to enter your property, and you can also keep those who are not allowed on the outside.  By monitoring the traffic or only assigning key cards to those who are allowed in, you can keep the trespassers to a minimum.

Use Surveillance

While protecting with the intent to prevent is the best mindset to have, not all physical threats are stopped by fences or key cards. Sometimes, crimes occur. When this happens, having added security of video cameras is wise. You can potentially protect your assets by identifying the culprit at hand or at least detailing clues for investigators to use.

Use Many Methods Together

The best security to have is all of them. It is pricey but protecting yourself comes at a cost nowadays. Having a security team, fence contractor, cameras, and key cards all will allow you to control who goes in and out of your business. Fences combined with cameras protect the perimeter, while key cards and security will protect the inside of your business.

These are just a few ways that you can enhance the security around your commercial property.  By hiring the right fence companies in Orlando, you can work with their team to design and install the best security fence for the border of your property.  Contact us to get started today.