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Six Easy Ways to Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Six Easy Ways to Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Six Easy Ways to Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Are you tired of looking at an unkempt lawn or an unpolished exterior?  When you are looking to do simple updates to your curb appeal, you will want to know the best updates with the largest return or impact.  As one of the top fence companies in Orlando, we help turn many people's homes into safe havens, sanctuaries, and functional spaces with our fences.  There are a few easy ways that you can increase the curb appeal of your home this year.


Consider adding a fresh layer of paint to any exterior features, like decks, patios, fences, or porches.  Refresh the area using either a new color or even a brighter version of the same color to remove any stains, create a new aesthetic, or just update a few eyesores.  If you are looking to tackle a larger home project, you may even want to paint the brick or siding of your home for a completely new and updated look.

Improve Landscaping

When it comes to curb appeal, landscaping is also essential.  Add some fresh new shrubs, flowers, and mulch or stone to your landscaping beds around your home.  This will give your lawn a pop of color and an elegant and fresh look, which can go a long way when it comes to your overall curb appeal.  Consider adding colorful perennials that will come back year-after-year with beautiful blooms.

Install New Light Fixtures

Another simple way to update some of the features in the exterior of your home is to install new light fixtures.  If you notice outdated porch lights or patio lights, swap them out for some new, modern light fixtures.  These can make a big difference when it comes to the style of the outside of your home.

Update Your Surfaces

When it comes to the walkways and driveway around your home, you may want to consider upgrading these surfaces.  By installing pavers or adding a smooth, paved surface, you can boost your curb appeal and also add value to your property.  Concrete, asphalt, and brick pavers are just a few popular choices to update your curb appeal.  There are many types of materials that can allow you to stay on budget while still enhancing the appearance and function of your yard.

Clean Your Windows

Another simple update to your home is to clean your windows.  If you have noticed that your glass surfaces are smudged or dirty, a quick window cleaning is a great idea.  This will make your glass windows and doors appear brand new once again.  When you clean your windows, take the time to wipe them with glass cleaner and a microfiber towel or mini squeegee to avoid any streaking or smudges.

Get a Fence

In addition to your landscaping, you may also want to consider adding a fence around your property.   If you don't want to create a border fence that protects your property, you may instead want to add a decorative fence that adds style and appeal to your yard.  Wrought iron fences and vinyl fences work well for adding additional features and focal points to your yard at an affordable cost.

These are just a few simple updates that can be a big impact on your curb appeal.  As one of the top fence companies in Orlando, we offer prices that meet every budget.  Contact us to schedule an appointment with our fence experts today.