Five Ways to Add Functional Spaces to Your Yard

Five Ways to Add Functional Spaces to Your Yard

Five Ways to Add Functional Spaces to Your Yard

Fences, gardens, pools, patios, and walkways are just a few yard features that can create function and appeal in any space.  By adding any of these elements, you can enhance the appearance of your backyard while also designating spaces for certain tasks.  As fence contractors in Orlando, we help many homeowners create the backyard of their dreams by installing fences that match their lifestyle.  These are a few ways to add functional spaces to your yard.

Install a Fence

By installing a fence around either the entire yard or a part of your yard, you can create a more functional space.  Fences provide you with privacy that can make a great entertaining space in your backyard, or they can give your garden a border that keeps it safe from rodents.  You may also want to add different fences in your yard so that you can distinguish the function of each section, like gardens, sports, dog areas, entertaining spaces, and pool areas.

Designate a Pet Area

You can also add a separate space in your yard that is designated for your pets.  By installing a dog run or a partitioned section of your yard, you can separate the space that your dog enjoys from the space that you have other things, like your pool or entertainment space.  This is especially important if you want to keep your dog home during the day and allow them to flow freely from the inside to the outside using a dog gate.  It is important to keep your dog safe on your property.

Plant a Garden

Gardens are also functional spaces that can give you plenty of delicious foods to eat all year long.  Not only is gardening a wonderful hobby, but it will add a beautiful and decorative element to your yard when you take good care of it.  If you love to eat homegrown fruits and vegetables, consider planting a garden in your Florida backyard.

Install a Patio or Deck

A patio or deck can provide you and your family with a fun and enjoyable entertaining space right outside your backdoor.  Many people love to have patios and decks so that they can enjoy the cool fall Florida evenings outside or so they can host BBQs on a beautiful summer afternoon.  These spaces add function and appeal to any yard.

Pave Walkways

Walkways are also a great way to enhance the function of your backyard.  When you want to define the spaces, you may want to pave a few walkways to encourage and invite your guests throughout your yard.  These walkways can even be lined with attractive landscaping or short ornamental fences to add more appeal to these spaces.

These are a few ways that you can create functional spaces in your yard.  By trusting the right fence contractors in Orlando to take care of these jobs, you can have the backyard of your dreams.  Adding function to your space does not have to mean you compromise style.  Contact Wulff Fence to have both style and function in your backyard fence today.