All About Picket Fences

All About Picket Fences

All About Picket Fences

Over the history of fencing installation, one style of fence that stands out above all the others is a white picket fence. Homes with a beautiful picket fence have improved curb appeal, look fantastic, and generally have a more significant property value than homes lacking a fence. Of course, if your reason for building a fence is to have an increased level of privacy, a white picket fence will not be your best option. But if you want your property to look great and have a way to keep your children and pets inside the boundaries of your property, then you can give fencing contractors in Orlando the thumbs up to install a picket fence around your yard.

Materials for Picket Fences

A typical picket fence is made of wood. These days, most picket fences are prefabricated for convenience, so your fencing contractor in Orlando will only have to transport the prefabricated fencing over to your property and perform the installation. This makes your job easier because you only need to choose a fence style and adequately maintain the fencing materials. If you want fence materials resistant to wood rot, choose hardwoods like cedar and redwood. Pressure-treated wood also resists rot for long periods.

If you do not want to avoid the added stress of maintaining a wooden picket fence, vinyl is your best fencing option. In addition, vinyl fences do not require any significant maintenance other than pressure-washing them annually to keep them clean.

Picket fence styles

Picket fences come in many different styles, but the most common ones come with poles strung together with rails. In addition, you choose from rounded or pointed picketing. One beautiful picket fence style is the more elaborate Windsor Point picket fence with decorative beading under the point. You can also choose picket fencing materials that come in colors that can blend well with your landscaping.

On the other hand, if you opt for vinyl, you are pretty limited on color choices because they typically come in shades of white. You can, however, have your gate designed however you prefer.

Your final choice

You can style a picket fence in many ways that will complement the design style of any home. We established that a picket fence is not the best choice for increased levels of privacy, but it is the perfect choice if you only want to keep your pets and kids in your property boundaries or create a beautiful border between spaces in your yard. One crucial precaution you must consider is that you should never place vining plants close to your picket fence. This is important so the moisture from the plant does not cause the wall to rot. A great alternative is to create another space that you can use as a planting bed for your vines to thrive.

Contact fencing contractors in Orlando to install a classic or modern picket fence around your home. Choose Wulff Fence, and we will provide you with the best service available in the Orlando area. To get a free quote, call (407) 745-8635.