The Best Privacy Fence Options for Your Florida Backyard

The Best Privacy Fence Options for Your Florida Backyard

The Best Privacy Fence Options for Your Florida Backyard

Many people invest in a fence because they want to obtain some level of privacy in their backyard.  This can be for a range of reasons, such as to keep neighbors out, to create a private oasis, to stay unexposed when hosting events, and many more.  Whatever your reason, you know it's time for you to install a privacy fence in your Florida backyard.  When you do this, you'll want to trust an expert of the fence companies in Orlando to do the job.  There are many types of privacy fences on the market, but you also want to be sure that you choose a fence that has both functionality and appeal.  There are some great privacy fence options that combine both functionality and visual appeal all in one.

Wood Slat Fence

Wood slat fences are common, classic options to create privacy around an entertaining space or around your entire backyard.  They create a natural look to your landscaping while also helping to provide shade and privacy by blocking any sunlight or peering eyes from seeing into your yard.  Many people that install wood slat fences also add live greenery to the wall to enhance its appeal.

Rattan or Bamboo Fence

In order to get a taste of the tropics, you can choose to add a rattan or bamboo fence to the exterior of your property.  This will make your backyard feel like an instant island oasis.  This type of fence will do well in Florida's climate, and it will also provide you with adequate privacy, as it does not allow people to see inside the yard.  Because this is extremely aesthetically pleasing, it may be a little more pricier than your typical wood fence.

White Vinyl Fence

A white vinyl fence is a great and affordable option to add both privacy and simple style to your Florida backyard.  This type of fence is extremely popular, as it is cost-effective, modular, and easy to maintain. You can simply hose or wipe it down with soap and water to remove any dirt or grime.  It also provides a clean and sleek look to any backyard.  People will also feel the sense of privacy when they are enjoying your backyard cookout or taking a dip in your swimming pool this summer.

These are just a few of the types of fences that provide privacy while still maintaining a visual appeal.  Fences are also great ways to boost your curb appeal, so you will want to choose a privacy fence that also matches the design of your home.  When you work with our fence companies in Orlando, you will have access to the top experts in fence design and installation.  Contact Wulff Fence today to schedule a consultation with our design team to start your privacy fence for your Florida backyard.