Five Signs Your Fence Needs to Be Repaired

Five Signs Your Fence Needs to Be Repaired

Five Signs Your Fence Needs to Be Repaired

Do you have an old or outdated fence?  Have you noticed damage to your fence that you can't fix on your own?  Whenever you own a fence, you probably know all about proper maintenance, like pressure washing, cleaning, or painting.  However, when it comes time for repairs, you likely want to trust the professionals in fence repair in Orlando to provide you with the right advice and service.  There are a few signs that indicate your fence may need to be repaired in order to prevent additional damage.

Loose Posts

If you notice that your fence easily wiggles or is loose when you push against it, this is a sign that your fence is under stress.  This problem should be tended to immediately, as loose posts can be uprooted easily in extreme weather.  Wind, heavy rains, or storms can make this problem dangerous if it is neglected for a long time.

Water Damage

If water has gotten into the internal structure of your fence, it can cause many structural issues.  This can cause loose or rotting boards, which will weaken the overall structure and make your fence more prone to falling over or being uprooted easily.

Mold Issues

When your fence has been exposed to water that was left neglected and never fully dried, mold issues can develop.  This can cause rotting, which will degrade the internal structure of the fence and cause it to loosen, wiggle, or even fall apart.  Fence repair in Orlando can tend to these affected boards so that you don't have to replace the entire fence.

Termite Damage

Termites are a pest that can affect any type of fencing, because they can wreak havoc on the wood on the interior of the fencing.  If you have the suspicion that termites have been calling your fence their home, you will want to have your repair company take a look at this issue immediately.  If this issue is left neglected, termites can quickly eat through your fence structure, leaving it useless.

Misaligned Beams

Your fence beams should be perpendicular to your posts.  If there are issues with the structure of your fence, you may start to notice misaligned beams.  This can include beams that are falling out of their sockets or bowing.  Call your fence company to have them come out and inspect this issue to determine what has gone wrong with the internal structure of your fence.  They should be able to repair this issue fairly quickly and easily.

These are a few signs that indicate that your Florida fence may need to be repaired.  Trust the professionals in fence repair in Orlando so that your fence is treated properly and the issues have been fully resolved.  Contact us to hear about our range of fence design, installation, and repair services today.