Five Facts to Know about Vinyl Fences

Five Facts to Know about Vinyl Fences

Five Facts to Know about Vinyl Fences

Are you debating on what type of fence to add to your yard?  Do you want to enhance your property with a fence that requires little to no maintenance?  Fences are great additions to any property, especially if you are looking to add curb appeal, security, or privacy.  As one of the top fence companies in Orlando, we work with our clients to design and install the fences they need.  We offer many fence materials, including vinyl, wood, wrought iron, PVC, steel, chain link, and many more.  When it comes to choosing a fence material, you'll want to know some basic facts about each type.  Here are some facts that help you better understand vinyl fencing.


Vinyl is one of the most dependable and long-lasting fence materials on the market.  Vinyl is not affected by the weather, which makes it great choice in locations like Florida, which receive abundant amounts of rain and sun.  

Low Maintenance

Are you looking for a fence that doesn't require any painting or care throughout its lifetime?  Vinyl is the perfect choice for you.  Aside from the occasional hosing off or wiping down, vinyl fences do not require any maintenance.  If any difficult stains ever find their way onto your vinyl fence, these can easily be wiped off with a rag and some water.

Versatile Design Options

Vinyl comes in many colors, plank sizes, and styles.  This allows people to add the level of privacy and security they are looking for without needing to meet a specific pre-determined design.  Vinyl fences also have gate options to provide access to the inside of your property.

No Discoloration

Another perk of vinyl fencing is that it will not discolor or fade when it is exposed to extreme weather.  The weather conditions, such as rain, snow, wind, or sun, will not cause the type of damage to vinyl that it does to other types of fence materials.  Our vinyl also has UV protection and other added chemicals that protect it from the elements.

Extremely Durable

Vinyl fences are known for their strength and durability.  With the right fence installation company, you should not expect your vinyl fence to break on you, no matter how harsh the weather conditions may be.  The only thing that would break your vinyl fence would be if someone applied extreme force to it, which is highly unlikely.  Vinyl is a great choice for those looking for strength and durability so that they can minimize repairs over its lifetime.

These are some facts to understand about vinyl fencing before you choose your fence materials.  Vinyl fences are among the most popular for their low maintenance, beautiful curb appeal, affordability, and versatile design options.  If you are looking to partner with one of the quality fence companies in Orlando, contact the professionals at Wulff Fence today.