Types of Wood Fences

Types of Wood Fences

Types of Wood Fences

Wood fences are beautiful and functional in many different circumstances. You can choose from a variety of woods including pine, cedar, redwood, and cypress. You also have the option of using engineered wood. They can be painted and stained, so you can have a wood fence built in almost any color. One of the hardest parts of choosing a wood fence is to decide on the type of wood fence that you like the best.

Picket Fences

Most picket fences have widely spaced boards with pointed tops. They do a wonderful job of shedding rain, so your fence will not rot over time. A picket fence is hard to climb helping to discourage people from hopping over it. Picket fences are usually 36 to 48 inches tall. They make a great choice for front yards and gardens. If the boards are close enough together, taller picket fences can be used as pool enclosures.

Vertical Board

If you are looking for privacy, to block the view of nosey neighbors and to stop most noises, then a vertical board fence may be the perfect answer for you. There are many different types of vertical board fences. Many people love the shadowbox where every other board is on the outside while the other one is on the inside because it gives the fence a unique appearance. These fences are usually 6-feet tall, but they can be a variety of heights.


Lattice fences are created by crossing lattices in an “x” design. They are popular because they block views while still letting in light and air. Lattice fences are particularly popular in garden settings because they provide support for vines and other plants. Many people choose 4-foot lattice panels, which can lower the cost of your fence because they come premade while others choose to have a fence builder construct one for that exact location.


Post-and-rail fences are a popular option for those looking to create a rustic or country look. They can be useful in containing larger livestock. You can also use them to mark property lines. These fences are often among the cheapest options in wood fences.


Louvers are fences with staggered boards. If you are going to use them in Florida around a pool, then remember that you cannot have more than four inches between the boards. When viewed straight on, they block the view. Yet, they let light and air through.

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