5 Signs that Your Wooden Fence is Due for Replacement

5 Signs that Your Wooden Fence is Due for Replacement

5 Signs that Your Wooden Fence is Due for Replacement

A wooden fence of the best quality can last for, give or take, twenty years but this is not always the case because most wooden fences are not made from 100 percent treated lumber. If your wooden fence lasts for up to twenty years, it will be making an exception. Therefore, at some point after installation, your fence will inevitably wear out. This usually happens when the fence is nearing ten years, but it could be before or after ten years. So, how do you know that your fence is due for replacement instead of a repair? What signs should you look out for?

1. Rotting wood

If one of the boards is rotting, you may not need to replace the entire fence. But if the rot is full-blown and is affecting the entire fence, you should get into talks with a fencing contractor in Orlando about replacing that fence. In a wooden fence, the rot starts from the part of the fence closer to the ground because of moisture from the ground. For some time, adding preservative and general maintenance practices will prevent the wood from rotting but eventually, the rot will take full effect, and you might have to think about a replacement.

2. Leaning to one side

Since your fence will be installed in the open, outside your property, it will always be exposed to the elements throughout the year. These will over time affect the general structure of the fence and can lead to the fence leaning to one side. Although, leaning can be fixed by replacing one or two posts, if, however, the leaning affects the entire fence, get in touch with a fencing contractor to replace it.

3. Missing or split boards

If one board in the fence is missing or split, you can replace it with another one. But if a lot of boards get missing, then you probably have to replace the entire fence. Sometimes, thaw and freeze can damage fence boards. Split boards do not only make your fence look ugly, but they also lead to structural problems in the fence.

4. Missing and Loose Fasteners

If the screws and nails holding your wooden fence together start falling off or missing, then you should consider getting a new fence. Even though you can replace the fasteners for the first few years, eventually after a while, the fence’s structure will be compromised and replacing fasteners will not work effectively anymore.

5. Repair bills are exorbitant

You can only choose to repair your wooden fence for just a while. Over time, as the faults become more complex, the cost of repairs will become costlier. Instead of repairing a deteriorating fence which may cost you a lot of money, why not invest in a new one and get a replacement?

Replacing your fence does no one any good but you as it improves the aesthetic appeal of your property. For fencing contractors in Orlando that you can count on, we are at your service at Wulff Fence. Call us today to get an estimate.