What you need to know about building Horizontal Wood Fence in Orlando

What you need to know about building Horizontal Wood Fence in Orlando

What you need to know about building Horizontal Wood Fence in Orlando

Very recently, fence contractors in Orlando have seen an increase in the demand for horizontal wood fence by property owners. A lot of people however, do not know what building a horizontal fence entails. You have to know that the way a horizontal wood fence is built matters and the best way to achieve this is to hire a reputable fencing contractor in Orlando to get it done. If you use the wrong type of lumber and fasteners or space the fence posts wrongly, things could go bad after some time. The horizontal boards will start splitting after a couple of years, and your once beautiful fence will become a mess that even you wouldn't want to be associated with it. So, should you join the bandwagon of the property owners who want horizontal wood fence for their properties, there are four building principles that you must make sure your fencing contractor in Orlando are adhering to.

1. Make sure you use the right materials

The best material that you can build a horizontal wood fence with is cedar. Cedar is more resistant to the moist Florida climate which causes regular wood to crack and split. If you plan to use pressure-treated pine, ensure the lumber is not treated with MCA but with Eco-Life. The lumber grade should also be #2 prime. Your fencing contractor in Orlando will help you look out for these specifications and requirements.

2. Make sure the material you intend to use has the right level of thickness for the construction method

For pressure treated pine, the lumber you will be using should not be less than two inches, and the post spacing should be around six feet so that the chances of bowing and warping will be reduced. The cedar should not be less than one-inch thick, and on center, it should be four feet. The horizontal slats should be staggered irrespective of the type of wood your fencing contractor in Orlando uses.

3. Use the appropriate fasteners

The best fastener to use for your horizontal wood fence is stainless steel. This is because stainless steel does not rust. If you use galvanized fasteners in pressure treated pine, they will rust within a short period. An experienced fencing contractor in Orlando like Wulff Fence will help you get the right fasteners.

4. Choose the right Fencing Contractor

Choosing the right fencing contractor in Orlando requires you to be careful, check reviews and verify that the company is legitimate. Wulff Fence is one of the most reputable fencing contractors in Orlando and will design your horizontal wood fence to your requirements while adhering to the above-discussed principles. To hire Wulff Fence, call 407 745 8635 to get a quote for your upcoming project and we will deliver you the best quality fence you will ever need.